A Year in the Life

Here is a glimpse into our family’s life over the course of a year with practical ideas tucked in around the edges.

Homeschool Planning for a New School Year
Easing In to the School Year
Classical (ish)
Working Nature Study into Your Homeschool Routine
Chapter Book Challenge!
One of Those Days
10 Real-Life Tips for Reading Chapter Books: Part 1   |  Part 2
Rhythm of a Year: Fall
Teaching Our Preschoolers to Serve
Ridiculously Simple Autumn Leaf Art  |  10 Second Leaf Bouquet
If Mama Ain’t Happy (Making Time for Mom)
Family Song: Ten Commandments Song
Quiet Places (Helping Your Child Focus)
5 Simple Ways to Teach Children about Government on Election Day
Our Favorite Poetry Books
{ rest: a picture and a verse} September  |  October  |   November

Rhythm of the Year: Holidays
Chapter Book Review: Little House on the Prairie & Family Song
Teaching Conversation Skills
Chapter Book Review: On The Banks of Plum Creek
Setting Priorities for a New Year
If You Give A Mom A Recipe for Potato Soup . . . (guest post) 
6 Tips for My Future Crafting Self (Valentine’s Day)
How to Help Kids Sit Still: Let Them Move
How Chores Build Children’s Character and Brains (guest post) 
How to Adapt a Lesson (Spelling / Phonics Hopscotch)
{ rest: a picture and a verse}   January/February

Home (and Chapter Book Review: By The Shores of Silver Creek
Daffodils and Saturday Mornings
Gardening with Young Children (guest post)
When Life Gives You Hailstorms Make . . . A Big Bowl of Hail?
Laryngitis (Listening to My Children)
Chapter Book Reviews: Winnie-the-Pooh and Boxcar Children
Behind (Feeling Overwhelmed) 
Easter: Resurrection Eggs | Resurrection Rolls | Simple Passover | Egg Dyeing
Chapter Book Review: Little Town on the Prairie
Beauty in a Juice Glass
Character Books for Young Children
In Christ Alone. Really?
Tooth Trauma and Drama
5 Ways to Train Little Hearts and Minds (guest post) 
For Better or For Worse, In Sickness and in Health
Mother’s Day Craft: Tissue Paper Flowers
{ rest: a picture and a verse }    May

Chapter Book Review: Little Town on the Prairie
SuperKids (guest post)
Chapter Book Review: Boxcar Children — Surprise Island
Summer Organizing Extravaganza | Bathroom Remodel | Wall Hanging Idea
Not Quite Ma Ingalls
Chapter Book Review: These Happy Golden Years
Frugal Family Fun
Happy Birthday America! (July 4th)  |  Declaration of Independence-the whole thing
Mommy’s Having a Meltdown
Cheap or Free Toys for Kids (guest post)
How to Rack up a Library Fine of $260
7 Cleaning Tricks From a Former Messie
What Summer Reading Looks Like at Our House
In Praise of Dirt and Sticks
Favorite Quotes:  Learn to Like . . .   |   Drop Thy Still Dews of Quietness
{ rest: a picture and a verse }    June  |  July  |  August