How to Rack Up a Library Fine of $260

Plan to take thirteen children’s books back to the library.
Put them in your handy dandy library bag in your car.

Lose the bag.

There you go!

The whole story is a bit more complicated. We had the bag in
the car. We went to church. At church someone tried to break into our car (note
to self: don’t “hide” purse under front seat. Thieves can still see it!). (Also, as I read this over, I wanted to point out–it wasn’t a fellow church-goer who tried to break in to the car! Our church actually has security for the parking lot on Sunday mornings because thieves make the rounds of church parking lots on Sundays.)

A great friend chased off the villain before he nabbed my
purse, and I’m so thankful, but we were still left with two broken windows. My dear
husband took the car the next evening to the car wash to vacuum out all the
tiny shards of glass. Two weeks later, after we unpacked the car from our trip to Colorado, we realized we were still missing that library bag.

We checked with all the libraries we had visited recently,
but nothing. My theory is that my husband took the bag out when he was vacuuming
the car and forgot to put it back in (it was night time and the bag is dark
so it would blend in). I kept thinking if the books were left at the carwash,
someone would surely turn them in, right? Nope, apparently not.

My husband’s new theory is that the thief broke into our car, wrested the door open (no one reports this fact), decided to leave my purse, and make off with the bag of library books. (No one reports the perpetrator staggering to his van with an overflowing bag of library books either.)

I’ll let you decide which seems the more logical theory.

In any case, the books are gone. Thirteen books, with an average replacement cost of $20 each. The librarian I talked to about it wouldn’t even give me a set fine he just said I
to talk to the manager and beg for mercy.

I plan to do that today.

One thought on “How to Rack Up a Library Fine of $260

  1. Eeww! That hurts. I was upset last summer when I “lost” a bag of library books. The library was very nice about it. I went online to Amazon, because they told me I could replace the books or they could. That’s when I learned that one of the books was out of print. The library’s fee for that book was less than Amazon’s. But the librarian kept telling me, “no one has requested the book yet. I will just re-check it out to you. Maybe you will find it.” Well, the story had a happy ending. About three months later, I found the missing books shelved in my bookshelves at home! (That’s why I don’t believe in putting things away. LOL

    I hope you have a happy ending as well.