I’m behind. We were out of town in Texas last week, and I have lots of ideas about what to tell you: stories of bluebonnet-covered hills, children playing by the pond with sticks, making tissue paper flowers for my grandpa who’s in a nursing home down there, cuddles and hugs with cousins. However, I don’t have time to write a decent post. I don’t even have time to find a picture for this lame post.

I’ve got a messy kitchen (again) lots of laundry that needs to be put away (again), and the thought that I should perhaps purchase some food for the upcoming week and figure out what to do with it. Just a thought.

I read this thing the other day about Facebook for authors and how we’re supposed to post every day. Right. That is so not going to happen. I’m shooting for once a week blog posts and Facebook updates, and even that is ambitious. And the thought of that even seems crazy. Who wants daily updates? Who cares? Aren’t people busy?

And why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be out there making noise? I’m supposed to be on Twitter, and Goodreads, and Facebook, and blog three times a week. I’m sorry, but no. And if everyone is being told to do all this, who is reading it? And who is living our lives that are sucked up by all this writing and reading of insignificant information?

All of it makes me want to go live in a shack by a pond. Too bad we’re so far away from Walden.

Anyway, all that ranting to say, I’ll try to post next week, and I’m going to go clean my kitchen now. I’m sure you understand.

Side note: I see why people hire publicists now. There’s a stinkin’ lot of work to be done publicizing a book: press releases, marketing plans, giveaways, mailing out prizes. But, Debbie Wilson reminded me, they never did any of that. They just put their books out there and saw what happened. And what happened was that people bought them because they got to the truths of what moms needed to hear. So. We may think we need to do all these crazy shenanignans (where’s spell check when I need it?), but we don’t.

God’s in control and He was in control before Twitter. He was in control when Daniel and his friends said, “That’s nice that everyone says we have to eat a certain diet, but we’ll take vegetables, thanks.” God was in control when the Israelites made fools of themselves (in others’ eyes) marching circles around a big city. But, in both cases, God took care of things.

So I don’t want to get too caught up in what all the blogs say authors have to do. I’ll do what I can, but when I need to, I have to make myself stop and take care of my first priorities.

God’s the one who will take care of things anyway. He’s the one who brings down the walls.


2 thoughts on “Behind

  1. Thank you for saying it out loud- “NOISE.” That incessant and insignificant chatter that pollutes the space of our lives, but which others refer to as Facebook, Twitter, and whatever new time-suck they have come up with. (I know not to end a sentence with a preposition- but who’s grading this anyway?) I agree that once a week should be sufficient for ANY purpose. Because like you said, we are ALL busy.

    That said, I can’t wait to join you each week for your post. AND I am going to buy the Kindle version of your book. Run on fellow mother, and friend.


  2. It is so funny that you said that this is a lame post because it is a post about how other people do lame posts, but they do it everyday. Your post was not lame because it brought me back to the fact that God is the one who calls the shots. I have been losing site of this. Thank you, thank you, for the thoughtful post! I’m going to go do my laundry now.