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The Homeschool Experiment is by far the most realistic, fictional novel for the homeschooling community I’ve ever had the opportunity to read.  In sort of a “Shopaholic” meets Christian homeschooling mom twist, I found this book both entertaining and substantially motivating.
Don’t expect a perfect, airbrushed account of home education in this no bars held back, tell-all pictorial of the real deal.”  – Demetria Zinga, Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast  (visit CHS blog OR listen to CHS Podcast Interview here)

“…your book was the best thing I purchased at our state homeschool convention!  I just finished reading it this afternoon and as a church school administer in Alabama, I hope to use it with the group study guide this fall.  You did a great job addressing some of the issues we homeschooling moms struggle with.  I enjoyed your style of writing and I’m looking forward to discussing the questions with other homeschooling mom in my area.    Yes I had 4 preschoolers at one time and went through some of Julianne’s struggles, now they are teenagers and I don’t know if it gets easier, you just have different struggles. . . .  Thank you again for giving of your time to share with
other homeschooler moms.  May God bless you and may you continue to use
your gifts for His glory.” – Debra S., Alabama

“… I just finished reading The Homeschool Experiment this afternoon.  I loved the book!   Your characters were very real and I could relate to most of the things you wrote
about.  Our family  is in our 14th year of homeschooling and while I am often a ‘Lisa’ to many of our friends, I have to confess that I am still  Julianne more often than I wish.  When will my confidence grow?  Perhaps when my youngest is grown with children of her own and all are well adjusted citizens :-)    Thanks for writing a book that is encouraging, reassuring, and at the same time helps your readers focus on what is really important.  As Todd Wilson says, the good stuff is hard, but the hard stuff is good.
P.S.   My 10 year old daughter wants me to tell you that she is reading the book, too, and that she loves it.”
- Judi W., Rockledge, Florida

” I “Kindled” your book after the Pioneer Woman rec., and I haven’t been able to put it down.  As a homeschooling mom in exactly the same shoes (kids of similar age as well), I feel utterly understood and encouraged…and inspired to push on despite all odds!  I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed laughing along with your characters.  My resolve has been strengthened in my homeschool endeavors.  It
wasn’t until I found myself reading her epiphanies of spirit that I realized
how often I let the secular world-view eat away at my confidence as a
homeschooler. Thank you…and many blessings”  – Amy

“I wanted to give my input of how I believe this could really encourage people who want to homeschool but have not given it a try yet, or those who are new at it.
We are in our 5th year and I am still just trying to make it.  By no means
do I feel like I know what I’m doing yet!  Each year around May, I think to myself, “Well, I think we did an okay job this year.  Maybe we can do it again next year…”  And having other moms to share the journey with is what makes it feel like something I can
accomplish, and do a good job doing it.  When I first started, I was overwhelmed by stories from moms who had homeschooled for 15+ years and who seemed to know everything about everything.  Hearing those sort of stories is what made me choose NOT homeschool the first time I wanted to because I felt that I could NEVER know as much as they know or do as good of a job as they had done (of course, I came back to it a couple of years later).  Hearing stories like yours, those that let me see that not many of us homeschool moms has all the answers, but it works out to be the best thing
ever- those are the stories that allowed me to feel like I could do this.
I think your candid stories about struggle and triumph (well I have not gotten
to the end of your book yet, but I know you are triumphant in your homeschool journey) will be so encouraging to many mothers.  :) ” - LaDawn, Oklahoma

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book.  My
husband bought it for me for mothers day and I just could not put it
down.  I was actually just going online to see if(hopefully) you were
working on something else when I ran across your blog.  Keep writting and
inspiring I say!  Thanks and praise to God for your gifts.” – Kristen D.

“I just finished your book and I loved, loved, loved it.  My daughter (17
years old) read a few of the first pages before I got my hands on it and told
me I would like it because it sounded like my life.  My oldest daughter
has always said she would write my memoirs.  She is in her sophmore year
of college.  She has settled on a title of “It would be funny if it
were someone elses’ life”.  I’ve homeschooled since 1995 and I
thought I should have it down pat by now, but I am realizing that there is no
such thing! I love novels and find that I can learn from them sometimes more than a
non-fiction book.  Thank you so much for writing this book.” – Angela W.

“I just wanted to Thank You for writing this book! I adored every minute of it, from laughing to crying to laughing again I could relate to almost everything Julianne went through. You encouraged me, and made me feel like I was reading my “sister’s journal” I felt so akin to the book and her experience within. Recently moving myself I was feeling very alone in my journey. You not only encouraged me on those homeschool days where nothing goes right, but the book made me realize I’m not alone and look forward to the new friends I’ll meet here. I will continue to recommend your book to
everyone I know and meet!” - Deanna K, Oklahoma

 “You will meet a normal mother of normal children facing a normal, chaotic year of trying to figure out what it means to homeschool and love her family. It’s not always pretty… and that’s why my wife likes this book. It tells it like it is and serves as a reminder that she’s not alone in her struggles and frustrations. When you read it from
someone else’s perspective, it helps you to laugh and see things more clearly.”
- Todd Wilson, “The Familyman”, speaker, author of Lies Homeschooling
Moms Believe, and homeschooling father of eight

“Certainly 5 stars …Absolutely lives up to the hilarious promise of the back cover description. I think it might confirm most people’s conviction that they should or that they could not homeschool – the book tells how honestly difficult & often frustrating it is to stay home with several young children, but it also explains the spiritual & family & learning benefits of being able to do it… Encouraging spiritually.  Definitely emphasizes the special-ness of children.  Also the fact that they are nuts. ” - Liz; homeschooling mother of five; Tulsa, Oklahoma

“There is definite food for thought here: depth to the content and characters, depth to the intelligence of the protagonist, and depth to the rendering of the experience of parenthood. There’s depth and beauty, too, in the images and impactful, thoughtful arrangements of words.  I think it’s a very special combination of smooth-reading and depth, really maximizing both.”
- Jessica; Germantown, Maryland

“Especially for first time homeschoolers… I think it’s very helpful to know these things before you start, instead of jumping in blind and thinking everything will work perfectly. … I couldn’t put it down. … It definitely made me feel like a more normal mom….I loved how  real it was…. I already recommended it to my sister-in-law.”
- Dana; mother of four and former homeschooler; Paris, France

“Stinkin’ Hilarious”
- Julie; mother of a preschoolers and a toddler; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Very funny; captures motherhood”
- Carrie; mother of a preschooler and a baby; Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Just finished it!  Could NOT stop reading it.  I never stay up late reading!
It’s great … I love it!”
- Tammy; mother of a preschooler and a baby; Austin, Texas

“I had to force myself to put it down! …Made me feel better about the stunts my almost 4yr old pulls.”
- Katie; mother of toddler and preschooler; Fort Worth, Texas

“Four stars. I enjoyed how honest the author is in describing Julianne’s struggles with mothering and homeschooling.  I believe it was a truthful depiction of everyday life in a homeschooling household. …Julianne’s advice from her friend, Lisa, about chores is excellent. …concrete ideas and suggestions specifically related to juggling a homeschooling household.”
- Erica; mother of three, considering homeschooling; Fort Worth, Texas

“I especially like the first page of each chapter and … the schedule or drawings or calendars- great idea!  … As a reader, I was drawn in by the subject matter because this is the life I live.”
- Amy T.; homeschooling mother of three; Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Read this book if you need a good belly-laugh (especially you Moms!).  Love how the author goes from a silly, hair-pulling Mommy moment and then right into a tender, joyous, quiet moment.  The adventures of parenting are well-described and the sweetness of being a Mom in a household of crazy-fun kids is well put.”
- Amy B.; admirer of homeschool-teaching moms; mother of 7 year old twins and a toddler; Tulsa, Oklahoma

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