One of those days

This afternoon was a bit of a disaster. I let my 3-year-old talk me into NOT wearing a pull-up to co-op (and it will be the last time that happens until at least Christmas). He had been doing so much better this week!

His first accident was in the morning, so I changed him into his backup outfit. He had his second accident at Classical Conversations after lunch, and I didn’t have a 3rd outfit so I had to run him home. It was quite impressive: as I buckled him into his seat, yellow poop squished all over me, his shorts, and his car seat.

Went home; gave him a bath; changed clothes. Put pile of poop clothes in the backyard to be dealt with later. Our washing machine has been broken since Monday when it started billowing out acrid gray smoke. (You didn’t know washing machines could do that? Me either.)

We went back to the garage where I noticed a suspicious puddle, checked it out, and confirmed that the hot water heater was indeed leaking, so I’ll have to call about that on Monday.

We drove back to CC in our reeking car, and when we arrived I realized we were locked out. My cell phone was inside the building.

My great consolation in moments like these: this would be a fabulous disaster scene if I ever write another book.

4 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Yesterday I made the statement that I have never been in one of the new QTs around town. I was quickly reminded by the 10 year old that I was in one last year after the 5 year old barfed in the car. Apparently I blocked that memory.

    • Oh man, Christa, that’s a good memory to block! Did you have to take the puke-covered kid into QT?

  2. Our deep freezer in our garage quit this morning. I had to cram as much as possible into the refrigerator freezer and have the rest to friends. I think I’ve decided the garage freezer may not be worth the convenience. Too bad you can’t do that with a washing machine. :-)