Preschool Area

I’m not writing regular posts for this blog anymore, but I just have to show you pictures of my now 4-year-old’s preschool area.

My goals with it were that he would a) have something to do during school time b) have it be in the same room as the rest of us, but be his own space and c) be as quiet as possible so it didn’t distract my son (9) and daughter (7).

After some Pinterest inspiration, here’s what I came up with:



His little “house.” The others aren’t allowed in unless he invites them.


The front flaps close with a clothespin. That’s the “door.” (You can see I used whatever sheets we happened to have in the closet.)


Inside there are:

House/cooking area: wooden vegetables and an old pot and spoon.

Dollhouse: made with duct tape and cardboard by big brother & sister for his birthday.

(This is such a great project for kids. They had so much fun making it. Basically you duct tape some shoeboxes together, paint them, add special things (the kids wanted stairs, a trapdoor and the stable attached by a slide!), then glue felt down for the carpet and fill it with premade furniture or make some out of cardboard.)


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