This Year’s Poems

October 2014

These are the poems we are learning this school year (2014-2015). My children at home this year are 8 (daughter) and 5 (son).

This year we are doing a little Circle Time in our school mornings a couple days a week, and we say and act out the poem with little motions. Poetry is wonderful for vocabulary, literacy, and grammar.

It’s also great for wiggly boys who don’t want to sit still but will jump around and pretend to be a squirrel or caterpillar.

2014-2015  PDF of poems for  hanging on your wall 

August Caterpillar, Christina Rosetti
September Time to Rise, Robert Louis Stevenson
October Take My Life, Frances R. Havergal
November The Moon, Robert Louis Stevenson
December Long, Long Ago, author unknown
January Falling Snow, Caitlyn Turner
February Happy Family Song, Michelle Duggar
March For the Beauty of the Earth, Pierpont
April Pippa’s Song, Robert Browning

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