What’s your advice for a first time homeschooling mom?

I am working on a small resource to give for free to those who sign up on my site.

I want to make it a quick, practical read specifically for those who are starting on their first year of homeschooling, and I’d like to include ideas from a variety of homeschool moms. I might call it: “From the Trenches: A Guide to Surviving your First Year of Homeschooling.”

I’d love to include your thoughts!

Pretend a mom was sitting in front of you asking what she needed to know for that first year. What would you tell her?

I will probably start compiling these this weekend, so if you have time to reply before Friday that would be wonderful. Just comment below.

The topic areas I’m thinking of are:

  • Support System: Find those who will cheer for your success
  • Character: Your kids have to listen to you before “school” will work
  • Academics: Start with the basics
  • Simplify: Cut out as much as possible to make life easier
  • One Thousand Gifts: Focus on the daily joys
  • Recharge: Plan breaks for yourself
  • Focus on your Goals: Remind yourself often why you are doing this (I’ll put in a printable sheet for them to write down their top 3 reasons and 3 encouraging verses)

Feel free to write whatever you want, because I may shift those categories around a bit.

Would you also include your name (first + last initial, or simply initials if you’d rather), and how long you’ve been homeschooling?

I’ll probably write it like this: “Be sure to….. “ – Susie C., homeschooling for 4 years

Thank you so much for any advice or wisdom you can share!

2 thoughts on “What’s your advice for a first time homeschooling mom?

  1. Every homeschool looks different and that is ok. Yes, different! It’s SO wonderful! There is no super spiritual formula that works for everyone though we wish it worked like this, it doesn’t most of the time. There is also no one size fits all curriculum. Homeschooling does not have to look like public schooling (unless that’s your cup o tea) and guess what?! That is TOTALLY fine! Life happens: tears are shead, potty training a toddlar and teaching another to read at the same time takes time and energy (and did I mention many tears?), milk is spilt…a lot, there is confusion and times when the fourth grader seems to forget all their multiplication facts (and yes, there are tears here too) so give yourself grace. Yes, grace. Take it a year at a time, laugh often, read, read and read some more and pray even more than that. ~Kari Jo Homeschooling 4 years (crazy!)