Rhythm of a Year: Summer

I thought it might be interesting to those starting out to see what the rhythm of a homeschooling year looks like in our family. And even if you have been homeschooling a while, it might be interesting. I always enjoy seeing what other families’ routines are like.


Summer = Organization

Summer is organizing time for me. I have to get everything done that I haven’t gotten done during the year. This year that is a lot, because I’ve been basically ignoring the house for the last year.

Here is the list from early May. The crossed out things are done.


Homeschool – 5 days worth of work

  • wrap up this year
  • Testing – prep, administer (we do Iowa tests)
  • organize/file records  (used my weekly plans and notes to summarize the  year’s work)
  • straighten up schoolroom. Clear out/file/throw  old curriculum, projects, books, etc. [Note: decided to do show & tell for Grandma when she comes in July, then file or throw out the old stuff.]
  • type up year end wrap-up (year’s summary onto computer. Not required in Oklahoma, but helps me see what we’ve accomplished  and what we need to work on for next year.)
  • Finish any book work/reading lists
  • Turn in co-op receipts

Home – 2 weeks [Note: took at least 5 weeks, probably 6 after I do the kitchen/laundry room. And maybe garage, if I have any energy left.]

  • Declutter whole house; organize bedrooms – 5 days
  • Possibly paint bedroom/bathroom (maybe?) [Took forever! part of 2 weeks.]
  • Clean office/wrap up book work – 1 day
  • Kitchen – clean out /organize
  • Plan, think about good meal system for  gluten-free -2 days
  • Outside kitchen window – plant a few vines? [This might not get done.]


Homeschool – 5 days worth of work

  • Start planning next year. Pray about what  worked/what needs work.
  • Make calendar for school year with “normal,” “rest,”  and “holiday” weeks
  • Plan curriculum for each child, make list of  chapter books I want us to read
  • Buy all curriculum and books (conventions/used  book sales) except library books
  • Make out weekly lesson plan sheets and fill them in
  • Organize schoolroom with new curriculum, books,  etc.

Homeschool – co-op/Classical Conversations – 5 days

  • Attend practicum – 3 days
  • Order all materials for CC – ½ day [Still don't know what I'm doing about this.]
  • Plan/buy for co-op toddler class – 1 day
  • Plan art/poetry class; buy materials; make  posters, etc. – 3 days


  • One book signing – Mardel + trip to Colorado

RELAX !!! Try to rest and enjoy my family.



  • POTTY TRAINING!!  (2 weeks )
  • Reading 30 minutes / day ; Xtra Math on computer
  • Think about how to cut back on TV
  • Routine for summer!


  • One book signing – Oklahoma City

If Time (get a babysitter for 3 days)

  • Scrapbook past year (3 days)
  • Edit videos and burn to CD (3 days)

RELAX & REST (I relax better after all of the above is out of the way!)



  • Exercise
  • Spa day with yoga and massage
  • New haircut
  • Few comfy clothes/ giveaway old clothes


  • Start working on new routine
  • Work on chores, train in new chores, routines

There you have it. Those are the summer plans. Lord willing. Pretty much  every summer has those same categories of wrapping up the prior year, preparing  for the next year, getting things settled, etc. This year it will take longer  because of the dreaded POTTY TRAINING and also catching up from this past year  of letting the house fall into disarray while working on the book.

But I am fed up. I want order. I want peace. I want a clean

And after everything is neat  and tidy, I’m planning on that spa day for myself, I promise. I just have to clean a few things first.

Do you do home projects during the summer? Or do you actually relax?

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